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It seems like my issue is that cheater.nsh has yet to be written however I think I am missing an NSH.NCC.


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Based on your question, it seems that you’re using Nvidia drivers:

The ‘For best results, you should run a default installation of Windows’ seems suspicious (Doing this may hinder your GPU from running correctly), and it could result in writing regedit logs: unless you’re using Windows 32-bit (Which you probably are, since your game is on Windows), installing the 32-bit version of Windows will do the job.
Also, the needed modification for the Cheat Engine is already done, so you just have to select the ‘.bat’ file and select the Cheat Engine executable.
If the file compiles correctly, then a.reg file is generated and the modification has been applied.
Now, open the game and you’ll see the ‘header’ (otherwise, you’re 100% done and there’s no need to try anything).

Pay-per-view widgets

The pay-per-view widget allows customers to preorder movies for

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Windows 7 Processor: i3-600 (Turion II) or better
i3-600 (Turion II) or better RAM: 4GB
4GB HDD: 200GB
200GB Graphics: Graphics Card that supports OpenGL 1.4
Graphics Card that supports OpenGL 1.4 Disk space: 500MB
500MB Other: DirectX 9, USB joystick support
Windows 7 Processor: i5-2300 or better